Personal Elevation Program

I can help you get elevated to the next level. I was there, I saw and dealt with many challenges. I saw others be in the same position as you are right now. I see some succeeded and more than some failed. I can enlighten the path for you!

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I can help you explore a path that is not only idle but achievable, one that is and works for you and you only. Take a sneak peek at some of the topics I can mentor and coach you on.

You might ask yourself why Shahin and not your colleague, or even a friend? Let me tell you why me?
  • I have done it.1
  • I have learned from the best.2
  • I have been recognized by peers and thought leaders.3
  • I have created opportunities.4
  • I am knowledgable.5
  • I am involved.6
  • Don't take my words for it!7
  • I have years of experience.8

1 - I have done it before
  • I was a Developer
  • I was a Scrum Master
  • I was an Agile Coach
  • I was a people manager
  • I was a Director
  • I was an Enterprise Coach
  • I was a Kanban Coach
  • I started my own Consulting Business
  • ...

2 -I have learned from the best
  • Jason Little
  • Don Gray
  • Lyssa Adkins
  • Michael Spayd
  • Esther Derby 
  • Sue Johnson
  • Jerry Doucet
  • David Dame
  • Scott Ambler
  • Gil Broza
  • Michael Hamman
  • Alexei Zheglov
  • Mishkin Berteig
  • ...

3 - I have been recognized by peers. I have spoken on many occasions, internally at organizations and external conferences. The followings are some:
  • Agile Alliance Conference
  • Agile & Beyond 
  • Gatineau-Ottawa Agile Tour
  • Agile DC
  • Agile Games New England
  • TriAgile
  • TeamLeadTO
  • Agile Ontario
  • Agile Mississauga
  • Envision Agile
  • ...

4 - I have created opportunities for myself, I know how to help you create it for you! These are some examples:
  • I morphed into the Scrum Master when there were none in the organization. 
  • I was one of the few Agile coaches selected for the innovation hub of a large financial institution!
  • I was given the responsibility of a Director Agile for a large organization.
  • I was people manager for Scrum Masters & Agile Coaches
  • And finally, I started my own consulting firm

5 - I am knowledgeable (22 certifications, mostly in Lean and Agile).
  • Frameworks (LeSS, Kanban, Scrum, SAFe, DAD, etc.)
  • Change Management
  • Enterprise Coaching
  • Coaching and Facilitation
  • Leadership
  • Innovation 
  • Technical (JBoss, Oracle, StackOverflow etc.) 
  • ... (full list+details)

6 - I am involved in community
  • Spark The Change
  • Coach Retreat
  • Agile Lunch
  • Toronto Agile Community
  • LeanAgileCan

7 - I have helped others achieve their goals. Don't take my word for it, see what others are saying: 

~ Agile Leader:

Working with Shahin has been a pleasure. I learned a lot from his coaching style which in turn helped me with my coaching. Our sessions taught me the value of asking powerful questions and empathy. His coaching also helped me realize where I would like to go with my career and the steps to get there. 
We also had the chance to work on some sessions together, test them within the organization, and iterate on our findings to help serve the agile community better. He has helped me with my teams by introducing me to new tools and practices to help my team achieve their goals. His wealth of knowledge and versatile toolkit is quite expansive and has helped me with building my own coaching knowledge-base. 
Shahin is an excellent coach and a really great person. I had a wonderful time working with him and highly recommend him! 

~ Agile Coach:

I had an incredible opportunity to work with Shahin at a large enterprise for 16 months and I’ve known him personally for much longer.  
When I first worked with Shahin, I realized very quickly just how experienced, knowledgeable, passionate & true he is about coaching teams and leaders. Shahin is un-matched in his courage and stands for what he believes in.  
He is an exceptional coach and servant leader who is supportive to organization members at all levels. He is naturally a welcoming genuine human with incredible professional intelligence. Shahin is a community builder, an exceptional facilitator, and a coach's coach. He holds a wealth of knowledge and has a very strong experience in agility.  
I’ve learned so much from Shahin and he has helped me become a better professional. I recommend Shahin to any organization that is looking to build healthy environments and teams. 

~ Vice President:

Shahin has a mastery in establishing a community in organizations that are or have been traditionally siloed. I have witnessed first hand how he created an environment to have people have a voice and synthesize those voices to a plan of action. Shahin coached people in a way that helped them develop skills for their role and helped them develop personally. I highly recommend Shahin to any organizations that are struggling to develop a culture that aligns with delivering amazing products.

~ Senior Scrum Master: 

Shahin was one of the Agile Coach’s I had the privilege of working with. While running our first workshop with the team, I was impressed with his ability to connect with team members and adapt the workshop on the fly to address their immediate needs. He sincerely cares about the betterment of Agile Teams and brings his passion for continuous improvement to every engagement. 
I consider Shahin a mentor that I can always reach out to for guidance and sound advice. He is also a gifted Coach and I would encourage others to reach out to him to take advantage of his vast experience, proven practices and personable approach. 

~ Agile Coach:

I had the pleasures of meeting Shahin several years ago when there was a need for some coaching. I was extremely lucky to have met Shahin. He is supportive, patient, understanding, and an amazing listener! Not only is Shahin a great coach, but he has become a great friend as well. In fact, he was an inspiration to my own craft of coaching Agile teams. Even now, as we periodically get together, we always take opportunities to help grow each other's craft. Any organization that has the pleasures of crossing paths with Shahin must know how lucky they are to have someone like him. I wholeheatedly recommend Shahin in his Agile journey.

~ Scrum Master:

I was lucky enough to have Shahin as my coach for a few months and he continues to be a great mentor and friend. Due to his amazing coaching skills, I am a better Scrum Master today. I picked up some great techniques and tips from him that I am using with my scrum teams. I learned from Shahin the importance of being patient but resilient. He's still willing to help me discover answers - continuously teaching me the power of asking the right questions.

~ Director: 

Shahin is a dynamic and giving professional, always ready to lead and inspire his surroundings. Working with Shahin to build a bigger Agile Community has been a magnificent, inspiring and energetic journey! His passion for Agile is definitely to watch out. He will always be an asset to any organization, cause or event he is associated with.

8 - I have years of successful experience in many organizations and different industries.
  • SAP (Business Intelligence)
  • Telus (Telecommunications)
  • CBC (Entertainment)
  • TD Bank (Financial, Wealth & Insurance)
  • Digital Factory - Scotiabank (Financial, Canadian Banking, Innovation Hub, Online Banking)
  • WSIB (Government, Insurance) 
  • Syscon (Justice Systems)
  • ...