Do you want to achieve greatness in what you do? How about with your life? Have you ever asked yourself what's the best of you and your potential? How can you figure out who that person can be? Who can answer that? I believe no one is better than you to answer that. In the journey to answer this question, you need a trusted traveler. I can be that person. I'll bring different perspectives, ask questions, and make you think.
Can you benefit from a sound advice and/or guidance? You are confused on what you need, or even if you need it or not? You can't decide what exactly can satisfy your need. Is it coaching, teaching, mentoring, or a combination of them? Good news is that I can consult you. It's important for you to get what you want, and I can coach, mentor, or teach you on many topics.
Is what you do related to software development? Have you lived your life for a short or a while in that field? Are there several changes around you happening? Are you the change agent yourself? Are you looking for someone to bounce your ideas off them? Are you looking for a honest and professional advice? I can help with many years spent in this field, in many capacities from various industries and organizations.
Have you done your research and you know you are looking for a coach? Are you looking for an experienced coach? You have a challenge, situation, or a great potential and want to make best of it? With many years of coaching experience, I can be counted on.
You are a junior coach, agile leader, leader, scrum master, kanban lead, team lead, project manager, or a person with lots of questions about Agile and Lean. You are in need of a mentor. With my extensive background in IT and software, played roles in many capacities, I can be the person to rely on as your mentor.
Is it time for the change? There is something that you need to drastically change? Or do you prefer a step by step change? Let's talk about it. I definitely can help you realize your potentials, decide what to do next and how to change.
You are the main focus when talk, and what you need to focus on. If you like to talk about your life, Let's look at your life as a whole, and only you looking at it, with no judgment but finding opportunities to make it even better. If you want to talk about something else, let's do that. It's your decision and discretion on what to focus on. I am only there to keep you honest, go deeper and figure out underlying layers of what's most important for you.
There is change ahead! There is no going back. What can you do to prepare for it? It might be a lot, you might be confused about it or even overwhelmed. I can help you navigate the complex world of change for you.
Do you want to make changes in your life? But you are struggling to make changes on your own? Are there things that are holding you back? Do you have some major goals you want to achieve and need some support? I can be the support you are looking for.